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  • A PET scan is an effective way to help identify a variety of conditions, including cancer, heart disease and brain disorders.
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Full body PET-CT scan in Bangalore @ Rs.13,000

    Why PET CT Scan in Bangalore is so costlier?
  • PET-CT Scan is a combination of CT scans and PET CT Scans where CT scans capture our organs and internal structures and PET CT Scans can produce images on the functionality of such parts. Combining both images can result in high quality diagnosis on your inner organs, especially helpful in cancer cell detection with its impact created in our body as well as the reason behind the development of such deadly cancerous cells.
  • The main reason for the increased PET CT Scan cost in Bangalore is due to the scan equipment used by the PET CT scan centres and their prime location. There is a demand for experienced radiologists in most of the PET CT Scan centres in Bangalore. Some radiologists are even working for 2-3 diagnostic centres in a single day, therefore providing their full energy and time in preparation of PET CT scan reports. Usually PET CT scan prices are being fixed by IRA (Indian radiological and imaging association). Some hospitals may charge higher for PET CT scans in Bangalore due to the scan equipment set up and upgradation cost incurring to them in regular interval.
    How much does it cost for PET CT scan in Bangalore?
  • At EasyBloodTest, full body PET CT scan in Bangalore will cost you just Rs.13,000. We are happy to serve more than 1500+ patients by reducing their PET CT Scan with the highest quality of scan reports. 99% of physicians are accepting the PET CT Scan reports through EasyBloodTests partnered PET CT Scan centres in Bangalore.
  • When your doctor gives you the prescription for PET CT scan, he might suggest you for some diagnostic centre to undergo the scan procedure. Some of your relatives/friends may suggest you some PET CT scan centre in Bangalore which is familiar to them. But, whatever suggestions you are receiving, just think that you will be paying for these costlier diagnostic scans.
  • Actual PET CT Scan cost in Bangalore starts from Rs.25,000 to Rs.35,000 in most of the PET CT Scan centres in Bangalore. Some hospitals may charge even more based on their PET CT Scan machine maintenance expenses. We, at EasyBloodTest know how difficult it is for a common man to spend so much money to do these kind of high cost scans.
  • When you can save more than 50% of your PET CT Scan cost in Bangalore, then why you need to wait in long queues. Just book your PET CT Scan appointments with us in less than 60 seconds and get benefitted immediately. Also, share to your friends/relatives and let them get benefitted through our cost effective PET CT scan booking services.