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  • Diagnose muscle and bone disorders, such as bone tumors and fractures. Pinpoint the location of a tumor, infection or blood clot. Guide procedures such as surgery, biopsy and radiation therapy. Detect and monitor diseases and conditions such as cancer, heart disease, lung nodules and liver masses.
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CT Scan Price List in Bangalore

Scan Name Prices
CT Head Scan Rs.2350
CT Single Hand Rs.2350
CT Chest Scan Rs.3000
CT Single Leg Scan Rs.2350
CT Ls Spine Scan Rs.2350
CT Lumbar Spine Rs.2350
CT Lumbo Sacral Spine Scan Rs.2350
CT Nose Scan Rs.1500
CT Brain Scan Rs.1350
CT Neck Scan Rs.2350
CT Anus Scan Rs.2350
CT Orbits Scan Rs.1500
Scan Name Prices
CT Knee Scan Rs.2350
CT Foot Scan Rs.2350
CT Fingers Scan Rs.2350
CT Shoulder Scan Rs.2350
CT Ankle Joint Scan Rs.2350
CT PNS Scan Rs.1350
CT Wrist Scan Rs.2350
CT Temporal Bone Scans Rs.2350
CT Pelvis Scan Rs.2350
CT Abdomen Scan Rs.2350
CT Abdomen and pelvis Scan Rs.3000
CT Contrast Scan Rs.1500
CT Screening Rs.1500 - 2000

Know the CT scan cost in Bangalore – Starting from Rs.1499/-

    Actual CT Scan cost in bangalore
  • CT scan price in Bangalore for any single part will be just Rs.1500 for plain ct scans. For CT contrast scans, radiologists might give you an injection with a contrast material for better clarity of your CT scan which would be charged at Rs.1000.
  • CT scan cost in Bangalore vary from Rs.3000 to Rs.8000.It depends on various factors such as the quality of the CT Scan equipment and the setup cost incurred for the scan centers, location of the CT scan centre in Bangalore, experience of radiologists who interprets your CT scan reports. If you don’t have such knowledge, then you might be ending up on paying more than 50-60% extra cost for CT scan in Bangalore.
  • EasyBloodTest believes in transparency in healthcare. Our team assures you in providing the exact ct scan cost in Bangalore at the best discounted rates and helps you to book CT scan in Bangalore in high quality ct scan centres. Since a year, people saved almost 60-70% of their expenses for ct scan cost by booking through us.
  • CT scan prices in Bangalore will be applicable for CT brain scan, CT chest scan, CT head scan, CT shoulder scan, CT knee Scan, CT Cervical Spine, CT LS spine, CT LR Spine, CT Pelvis, CT Abdomen, CT leg, CT fingers, CT PNS, CT neck, CT hand, CT Hip, CT elbow, CT nose, CT orbits, CT temporal bone.
    How to find high quality CT Scan centres in bangalore?
  • As suggested by experienced radiologists, undergoing CT scans in 16 slices and above CT scan equipment provides better clarity of the scan images and also it is safe for your health because older scan machines may have higher X-ray radiations. EasyBloodTest conduct regular quality audit to ensure the same which otherwise is difficult for a common man to find out. Thousands of people are getting benefitted each day by using EasyBloodTest for their CT scan in Bangalore.
  • Our customer care executives immediately get in touch with you once you fill the booking form. CT scan Appointments will be fixed at your convenient date and time helping you to avoid long waiting time at the center. Most physicians in Bangalore have encouraged our cost effective booking services as the reports are from high quality CT scan centers in Bangalore.Get benefitted and do share the word to reach people in need.